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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

-capital letter of C-

Hye Kawan!

Taken from syafiqa

In hall

In hall 2

Semoga berkekalan. Amin.


Ehem ehem. capital letter of C is just a manja name for c.o.n.v.o.c.a.t.i.on. Dah taw kan sebab pictures above ni.

Well. After 3years study hard (cewah!) in my course, finally, syukur alhamdulilah. I've made it. I've passed my exam well not to say with flying colour a.k.a dean list every semester but merely mediocre.

First of all, thanks a lot to me because doesn't give up easily and keep studying main-main (haha!) in order to complete my study and hold a valuable certificate. Although it is not a master certificate. Yang dah study higher level tu jangan nak tayang-tayang eyh. Pang kang. LoL. Kidding.

Besides that thanks to family, friends, lectures and everyone who may concern. Apesal ayat macam ni? Nak buat essay Spm ke apa. Kan?

Malas taip panjang-panjang bukan blog popular pun orang nak baca kan. Just nak tepek beberapa gambar. Kalau nak letak semua jenuh la pulak kan.


Hold valuable certificate inside


Picture can tell the story of us.

Saja nyibok. Sorry guys.

Hero Malaya

Ratu Cantik

Bertakhta Di Hati Sampai Mati. Insyallah.


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