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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Here the stories:

Place: Ulu Chepor.
Time: Morning - evening.
Members: nady, hanis, fara, me, cepet, kedah, anep, weng, jaa, afiq, nabil, burn, alpo, alpo jr, hamzi, zainal.
Purpose: BBQ!!!

Have nice & great day there :)

Place: Cameron Highlands.
Time: Afternoon - night.
Members: hanis. fara, me, cepet, kedah, nabil, burn, zainal.
Purpose: Jimba2!!!

Awesome!!! next time kne gerak awl sbb x puas jln2. :)

* kalo pns aty xjoin meh ckp dpn2 jgn perli2.

Here the pictures: (part 2)



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